Interview 姐姐带我转大人 – Elsword

Interview 姐姐带我转大人 - Elsword

Well it was summer break, myself being 14 at the time. Thats when I thought it was over, hoping Rusty would pull his dick out of my mouth, god I sure didnt want him to cum in my mouth, but maybe I should have sucked him off, thats when Rusty got up and Dustin moved around to hold me down, Rusty then started to lick my cum filled ass, darting his toungue in me, licking kissing, I didnt know what was happening, it felt good and at the same time i was so sore, thinking he was gonna make me feel better he stopped licking and pulled my hips up with my ass up in the air, Gail got in front of me and kissed me saying it was gonna be okay.

Hentai: [Been] 姐姐带我转大人 (Elsword) [Chinese]

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[Been]姐姐带我转大人(エルソード) [中国語]

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