Natural Jema – Touhou Project

Natural Jema - Touhou Project

By the time I got home it was already 4. Hot link I could feel his member growing inside me, I knew there was no way that I wasn’t going to end up pregnant, his cock slowly slid out of my cunt, I had never though of using such language before but I was so fucking angry, I could feel an orgasm slowly growing, I didn’t know what to do, here I was opposite someone I barely know, I had never thought about Lee in this way and we were having sex, I couldn’t think of any way this could be more awkward and painful, I leant forward with my head and kissed him, dragging his lips down to my level as I had my first small orgasm, I stopped kissing him as I moaned quietly, he began kissing my cheek and my neck, I could feel my nipples hardening against his firm chest, it was obvious he was the kind of person who went to the gym regularly.

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