Bondage Joshikou Monster

Bondage Joshikou  Monster

” Katie giggled as she pressed forward, struggling a little to find her mark, her cock too big and his hole too small, too slick, with both her hands occupied holding James up for Brittany’s fun it took a few failed pokes and prods before her hard, lubricated shaft finally seemed to find a spot that gave to her advances. She pulled her finger away and before he had a chance to object her lips found his, full, soft and sweet, she kissed him, his head resting back against the couch, her hand on his neck, caressing as their lips ever so softly met, a single peck developing into a slow kiss, he couldn’t help himself, at the mercy of their mutual forwardness.

Hentai: [Toranii] Joshikou (Homo)

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