Sucking Red Roses In The Desert Puba

Sucking Red Roses In The Desert  Puba

I went to school I was so soo sooo very horny the whole day my mind was frozen on sex an ray, my juices ran down my legs and my panties were soaked my Clit was hard and It was so hard to focuss and function, after school I saw Jake walking out of school so I ran to him, hey baby everything ready for tonight I questioned hey Sam about tonight I can’t my parents are taking me to New Zealand with them as a surprise birthday present to see the rest of my family that I have never even met before, I am sorry I didn’t know till last night but I know you would under stand, yeah cool have a great trip I reply still in shock, the outside of my body was calm cool, inside I was freaking out and feeling apart, I had put some much time and effort into this weekend and I wanted it to be prefect, thanks Jake said as he turned to walk away oh I said I would feed the postmaster dogs while he was away, can you do for me baby I will make it up to you I promise? Yeah sure whatever I answered, I walked home by myself crying, when I got home I masturbated about 5 or 6 times and I was still horny It was like having an itch you can’t scratch, that night had another dream about ray fucking me and woke up screaming and once again Cumming in my already soaked panties, are you ok? Melissa asked as she entered my room I heard her sniff the air, yes sis I am fine just a bad dream I stated, bullshit she replied What I asked you had a wet dream about Ray she told, what makes you say that I quickly asked for the last week you have been Screaming Ray's name out in your sleep and I can smell your juices, why out of everyone in the world are you dreaming about Ray she asked so I told her about our encounter and how I have been able to stop thinking about him and no matter how hard or how many times I masturbate I can’t put him out of my head, I knew it I knew she yelled I could she you in the air and you both looked like something had happened and Ray was still hard when we went to bed and was like a animal, I think you are ready and Ray is a real Gentleman and can be so soft and gentle, so next time he is in town I will ask him to break you in for me because he oh’s me a favour and because you are so madly in love with him she teased she teased, shut up I snapped but till than I think I can help you stay here Melissa said excitedly, as she ran back up the hall way to her room, she come back with something that looked like a plastic dick with a head on each end, now I can make it all better but you can’t tell anyone and you have to do what I say to the letter ok she asked, ok I nervously replied , with Melissa you never ever know what she has in mind. We laid there kissing and touching for a while than Melissa pulled the plastic dick out of me and said all better now try and get some sleep little sister as she kissed me forhead and exited my room, goodnight I sis I called to her for the first time feeling satisfied, that’s night I kept dreaming about me, ray and Melissa have a threesome and I woke to my alarm going off, what its holiday I thought and I am as horny as fuck, I picked up my phone Feed postmaster dogs, what the fuck I thought I don’t even have time to masturbate, I pulled on yesterday clothes that laid lifeless On the floor, all I could think about was what happened between me and my older sister last night my dream and how fucking horny I am, I got to the postmaster house there was anyone around not even the two dogs that were suppose to be there, stupid dogs I thought, my clit was thumping it demands, I thought I am sick of being so damn horny I will take care of this once and for all, than I will find this stupid dogs, I laid down on the wooden back steps, I inched up my black mini skirt, and closed me eyes, sucked on two fingers to make them wet, slid my hand down to my pussy, OH I had forgot to put panties on, my pussy was very hot and extremely wet, I slid my fingers in and started going to town on my self I was lost in my own little world of lust I was just starting to feel my orgasm building when something long and wet touched my pussy it felt like a tongue my eyes fell open I look down, it was Fluffy the postmaster two year old long haired German Sheppard, he start licking my clit I felt so good I was almost Cumming than he started putting his tongue inside me, after a few times I came juice spurted out all over his nose he cleaned up his nose and than start cleaning me up, his tongue flicked in and out of my pussy it felt like it was scoping up ever drop of my girly cum than he stop started whimpering I looked over he was humped air for a few seconds I could see his pink dick poking out, oh are you horny too I thought, so I dag one of the dog blanket over to him and kneeled down next to him and slowly started to jerk him off, I was already wet and ready again, he started thrusting into my hand, and some liquid spurted into my hand I quickly pull away at first, than I don’t know why but I licked my hand it was a bit salty but tasted good and I saw his dick hanging out it looked a good 6 inches he tried to mount me but I pushed him off, my thought shot back to a video I had see on Melissa phone, it was a video of her been fucked by a huge dog and I thought to myself I am horny your horny maybe we can help each other here hey boy, but I remember in the video Melissa was on all fours and the dog was fucking the living hell out of her, I wanted to be able to control everything so I thought If can get the dog to lay down and I could get on top I can control the pace, so I patted the blanket and said come here boy and he laid down and roll onto his back like when a dog wants his belly scratched, so I started scratching his slowly making my way towards his big doggie dick, I started jerking him off again and when there was a few inches sticking out I throw my leg over him and mounted him, I position his dick at my wet opening and started to slid down it, it kinds of excited me feeling his fluffy fur on my skin, I started bouncing up and down his dick, Fluffy just laid there pushing his head back into the ground, I could feel my orgasm building, than all of a sudden he pushed his claws into my thighs and started thrusting up into me and than a really big thrust I felt, something tear inside me it really hurt.

Hentai: [Kisirian (Goro Mask)] Red roses in the desert

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