Gordibuena Sensei Wa Atashi No Oningyou

Gordibuena Sensei Wa Atashi No Oningyou

she started to suck it and i could feel all these feelings on my penis the end of my dick touching her tonsoles and the end of her tounge licking the start of my balls she went so slow it was hard to cum but felt so, so unlike any feeling i could give myself i took my out of her mouth she let out a moan and the puppy dog eyes i moved my hands down to her pussy it wasnt like anything i have felt before she undid her jeans and took them off and i moved her thong to the side a little and started to return the favour her juice from her wet pussy driping into my mouth my tounge touching her outer pussy gently sticking my tounge she grabed my hair and pulled on it (i had long hair at the time) i loved people touching my hair this made my dick grow again i lifting my head up she grabed me by the hair again pushed my onto her and got my dick out of my jeans and said “chris ive been wanting to fuck you for so long its now or never” (this was my first fuck i didnt no what to do) i replyed ” ive been masturbating over this moment for months” with in a instance she was jacking me off i was about to cum when she moved my dick into her and she and i both moaned and moved are chest towards eachother i cumed inside her she took my dick out and put my head down into her pussy and i licked my own cum out of it, it tasted great i have always had that second nature to me i always cleaned up by drinking my own cum, i got grabed again and moved it slowly into her pussy this time i felt everyfeeling i felt like i was in a hot sticky fake pussy( i had one which i brought with some credit card details i found on the internet) i moved in and my forskin was all the way back and my penis was like it was ripping it felt like my forskin was goning to full off i groaned and went back her pussy was so wet my forskin stayed back i started to go faster and faster when i heard footsteps i didnt care i just continued to fuck mallory she was screaming as i pounded her pussy she start to play with my balls. Go home I was 14 and in love with a 16 year old i often spent hours of feeling myself on my imagionation of actally being able to fuck her
she was a beutiful brunette with glasses about 5ft3 and a small but busting B cup with the most beutiful body i have ever seen

i got a phone call about 4pm on a saturday “hey chris come to waterloo and hang out with me” i felt myself growing in my pants already
i replyed “ill be there as soon as possible”.

Hentai: [Fuyuno Mikan] Sensei wa Atashi no Oningyou [Chinese] [沒有漢化] [Ongoing]

Sensei wa Atashi no Oningyou 1Sensei wa Atashi no Oningyou 2Sensei wa Atashi no Oningyou 3Sensei wa Atashi no Oningyou 4Sensei wa Atashi no Oningyou 5Sensei wa Atashi no Oningyou 6Sensei wa Atashi no Oningyou 7Sensei wa Atashi no Oningyou 8Sensei wa Atashi no Oningyou 9Sensei wa Atashi no Oningyou 10Sensei wa Atashi no Oningyou 11Sensei wa Atashi no Oningyou 12Sensei wa Atashi no Oningyou 13Sensei wa Atashi no Oningyou 14

[冬野みかん]先生はあたしのお人形[中国翻訳] [進行中]

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