[Sabaku] Yakitoriya No Ricchan (Ore Wa Kuzu Dakara Koso Sukuwareru Kenri Ga Aru!) [English]

[Sabaku] Yakitoriya No Ricchan (Ore Wa Kuzu Dakara Koso Sukuwareru Kenri Ga Aru!) [English]


“Keys… what's this for…” I asked
“Well son, in a few months you graduate, after you'll be on your own, no longer our son… this is a little something to help you” he replied
“Wow… um thanks… the paper and check” I replied
“Well… I thought that if you don't want to be apart of this family… you can take the money and begin your life… or you can keep the money and sign the papers and be our son” he replied
“It's all very… um thank you…” I replied

(I look at Janice and look at the papers, and sign them, to make it official, now I'm there son. Read this post )

“What did the principal want” she asked
“He just said that, today I was in a better mood and to stay like that” I replied
“OK… go to your next class hurry” she replied
“OK… see you later” I replied

(We kissed for a few seconds and then I left to my next class.

Hentai: [Sabaku] Yakitoriya no Ricchan (Ore wa Kuzu dakara koso Sukuwareru Kenri ga Aru!) [English]

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[砂漠]やきとり屋のりっちゃん(俺は屑だからこそ救われる権利がある!) [英訳]

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